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Patios in Newcastle

A patio can be a stylish extension to have for your home and works well against different weather conditions. It is a versatile structure to have with a range of design and material options. Choosing a patio may depend not only on your style but also whether it can even be applied to your property. Unsure on what patio design would work for you? There are different options to go for including different features to enjoy. Newcastle Carports has the tools, materials, and talent needed to provide you the perfect outdoor patio!


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Our in-house designers can create innovative and unique carport designs that are based on your structural requirements that meld the perfect balance between form and function.

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Professional Workmanship

All of our builders uphold a very high standard of professionalism and quality. This allows us to provide cost-effective solutions without compromising the quality of our work.

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Client-First Policy

Our entire business model is centered on making your lives better. That is why we make sure that at the end of the day we end our professional relationship with our clients at a high and satisfactory outcome.

Patio Design Types

DIfferent patio styles can deliver you different features depending on what you are looking for. When selecting a patio design though, you may also need to consider what materials for the structure and roofing as well. Generally, a patio is made with wood, but its roofing has a selection of materials/types. They are as follows: 

  • Heat Deflective Roofing: With this type of roofing, you will find a built-in feature that helps protect your patio from any harsh sunlight/heat. You can have this roofing applied with either an attractive finish to match your patio or have it be fully engineered panels. As durable as this roofing can be, it is best suited for either pitched or flat roofs.
  • Composite Insulated Roofing: You will find that this type of roofing generally contains a polystyrene core which allows minimal to no heat transfer. Not only this, composite insulated roofing can come in different colors, density or styles and can keep your patio cool even on the warmest days
  • Pergola / Louver Style Roofing: If you choose this type of roofing, you will not only receive open-air roofing but will also deal with a lot of sun exposure. The main advantage you will find with this type of roofing is that it lets you control the amount of light you let in and allows high ventilation. 

All these roofings are applicable to just about any patio design. Though you may also consult with a professional service on what type of roofing you can have for your patio, the following are some of the more popular options to go for:

Conventional Patios

A general type of patio that mainly features a flat roof and standard pillars while attached to the home, this is one of the more classic patios you can select from. If you’re looking for a simple patio design with good durability, this is your choice. 

Flyover Patio

A patio design that has approximately 700mm of extra head height across the entire patio roof and ensures high ventilation. Given its extra height though, you may need to consult on whether your property is able to support it. 

Gable Patio

This design features rafters that cut at angles and meet in the middle of the construction at a ridge which you can have to reflect the structure of your roof; not unlike a gable pergola. The difference however with a gable patio is that you can have the addition of ‘wings’, otherwise known as a flat section on either side of the gable for better waterproofing.

Skydome Patio

A more unique option to go for as this patio design has three features that differs it from the others. Not only does it let in more natural light and can be incorporated into other designs, but this patio design also has a unique ventilation system that cools your patio by allowing hot air to be drawn out. 

Aside from the noted choices, you may also consider a combination type of patio should your choice of professional service have the option. On the note of professional services, if you wish to have a functional patio that still meets with your style, it would be to consult one. For a service that not only quality materials but reliable workers, you will want Newcastle Carports.

Personalised Patios

Our team builds custom patios according to your home’s architectural design and measurements. No two homes are the same, that’s why our team pays attention to every detail and makes sure to get accurate measurements. 

We guarantee that our custom patios are made from quality materials. Our custom-made patios are built to combat the harsh weather conditions in Australia. Our patios come in different sizes according to your needs. 

At Ballarat Patios, we give you the freedom to choose your style and material. Although, our team will make sure that the material you choose works best in your home and environment. We also make sure that we won’t go over the budget. Our team will give an accurate quote for you to be aware of the costs!

Choose Newcastle Carports For Your Patio Needs

We at Newcastle Carports aim to deliver a hassle-free service with quality materials and reliable professionals. You can be assured that our team of patio builders will help you make the right decisions for your patio based on your needs. From determining the right design for you down to the complete installation, you can rely on Newcastle Carports to deliver quality results.