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Carports in Newcastle

If you want to protect your vehicle from the elements but do not have space/ a garage to store it, a carport is the best option. Carports are an outdoor structure that can be versatile in style depending on their setup. While there are different options and benefits to be had with this structure, there are different points to be considered before you install a carport. Once you have these factors determined, you will have a smoother process of deciding what type of carport you would like for your property.


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Our in-house designers can create innovative and unique carport designs that are based on your structural requirements that meld the perfect balance between form and function.

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Professional Workmanship

All of our builders uphold a very high standard of professionalism and quality. This allows us to provide cost-effective solutions without compromising the quality of our work.

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Client-First Policy

Our entire business model is centered on making your lives better. That is why we make sure that at the end of the day we end our professional relationship with our clients at a high and satisfactory outcome.

What to Consider With Carports

Determining what kind of carport would work best for your property to ensure a balance of functionality and style comes down to these following points:

How can the carport be positioned on your property?

The first thing you will need to consider prior to installing a carport is its placement on your property. This will ensure nothing is compromised on the property. The positioning, however, will mainly depend on the account council regulations, stormwater access, driveway access for vehicles, and how the look of your street frontage will be affected; all that will need to be checked if you are looking for a certain style

What size and style can be applied?

Confirming the size of your carport will help ensure that you can park, open doors, and access your vehicle easily at all times. Another point you will need to consider for your carport size is the height. Different carports may require different heights depending on what vehicle is owned and determining its clearance height will help keep the vehicle storage smooth. While both the position and size of a carport need to be determined first, there are different style options that you can select from to accommodate them. These include a gable, pitched, or even curved roof along with other features. 

Will privacy screens and sun shades be needed?

As an open wall structure, you will need to decide if you would need privacy on one side only, or a roller door on the front. You may also need to select either aluminum or timber slats, solid walling, and/or blinds for further protection against different weather conditions. 

Other points you can have considered for your carport are the utilization of colored side beams and colored rafters a pitched gable or curved roof structure to give more clearance and improve the structure’s visual appeal. What’s more, it is advised that a gable or dome roof would work best. While there are different factors to consider for your carport prior to installation, a professional service can help ensure that your carport best fits your property.

Why Have Your Carport Installed By Newcastle Carports

When choosing to have Newcastle Carports, we will ensure that you receive quality service from reliable professionals. We have a number of options available to help homeowners meet their obligations and can guide you throughout the process from planning to completion. We understand your need for a structure that meets both functionality and style and can make sure that all consideration points for installations are met to fit your property. For any further questions on our services, you can call our hotline and have your first consultation.