Key Differences of Metal and Wooden Shed

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In construction, wood and metal are the most widely used building materials. Both are excellent materials when it comes to durability and strength. However, if you’re building a shed for the first time, it may be difficult for you to decide on which material to use.

Wood is the traditional choice simply because it has been used for centuries. Additionally, it has a sleek and elegant look. On the other hand, metals are often disregarded because of a lack of written history.

But, before you completely rule out metal, read this article to see the key differences!

The Differences of a Metal and Wooden Shed


Before choosing a material, you need to consider the maintenance it requires for the years to come. This is often overlooked and people would have to deal with the stress and hassle later on.

Wooden sheds are beautiful and appealing, however, they would require intensive maintenance for the years to come. Maintaining wood can be time-consuming and expensive. Not everyone has the budget and time for that. But, if maintenance would not mind you, a wooden shed is a good choice.

With metal sheds, it requires little to no maintenance. Metal is sturdy and durable—it can stand the test of time. Giving it a wash from time to time will help maintain its look.


One of the first things to consider is the cost of the building material. Establish your budget and determine what are your needs and preferences.

Metal sheds look more expensive than wooden sheds, but in reality, wooden sheds can cost twice as much. This will depend on the scale of your project. You also need to consider the prep work before building your shed.

For instance, wooden sheds require a formal foundation to be poured. Of course, with additional cost. This is unnecessary if you’re building a metal shed. And less prep work means you’ll save more on building costs—and this is a huge selling point.


Sheds are customisable to match your preferences. Since metal is a versatile material, it is easier to work with it. There are different types of designs and colours available. It is also easier to customise.

Wood also offers different designs and colours. However, designing or customising wood requires time and hard work. That’s why you might have limited design options for wood.

Most homeowners prefer a customisable material to match the design of their home. But, if this won’t be a big deal for you, you can go with either metal or wood since both are good materials.


Which one works for you best?

When choosing a material, consider maintenance, cost, and its appearance. Here at Newcastle Carports, we offer services to enhance your outdoor space! We offer a wide selection of materials to choose from that fits any budget and needs. Over the years, our team has been offering world-class services.

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