How to Keep Enclosed Patio Comfortable

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An enclosed patio is a great way to have a functional outdoor living space. You can turn it into a lounge area, a hobby room, or an office. There are endless ways on what you can do with an enclosed patio to maximise your property. However, a functional enclosed patio should have proper insulation, especially during summer,

Luckily, it is easy to insulate patio enclosures. Here are some easy ways on how to have the proper insulation in your enclosed patio to make it comfortable during summer.

Insulate Patio Floor

Insulating the patio floor is often taken for granted. If you have the time and budget, you can remove the entire flooring and install a vapour barrier and install the insulation material between the floor joists. You can also use fibreglass batts because they are easy to cut to fit the space. The insulation will be covered with plywood to hold them in place.

It is recommended to hire a professional to have your patio floor insulated. By doing so, they will be able to determine the spots in your patio enclosure that needs isolation. You’ll also have peace of mind that your glass room is properly insulated and energy-efficient.

Glass Wall Insulation

Usually, patios use double-glazed glass as an enclosure to maintain the unobstructed view and setting of the space.

A double-glazed glass has more insulating power because air trapped between the panes will prevent heat from entering or escaping the room. You can also install window treatments if you want to increase the insulation of your glass walls or windows. This will also give you control over how much sunlight you want to let into the room.

Blinds, shades, and draperies reduce the heat that enters through the glass, which lowers your energy consumption.

Patio Roof Insulation

Having an insulated patio roof will reduce heat gained and loss in the room. In return, this makes it easier for your HVAC system to maintain the temperature inside. One of the most preferred roof insulation is insulated roof panels.

Insulated metal panels come in a variety of finishes, sizes, and colours that will easily complement the theme or design of your home.

If you’re trying to save on costs, you can opt for DIY kits for insulation patio roofing systems. Just make sure that you have the correct R-value for your patio’s size and your location.


Insulating your enclosed patio is vital. Nobody wants to hang out in an enclosed space with little to no insulation. To keep your patio functional during the summer months, proper insulation is needed. In this article, we listed easy ways on how to keep your enclosed patio insulated. \

Although most of these can be done using DIY kits, we still recommend having a professional do it for you to ensure that your room is properly insulated.

Here at Newcastle Carports, we design, build and install patios according to your needs and preferences. We want to make sure that your outdoor space is functional by making the most out of your outdoor space.