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Having a car has become a need in this day and age. Many car owners would immediately think of having a fully enclosed garage in order to protect their vehicles from the elements. However, not everyone can afford to have them built, many also don’t have enough space to accommodate a traditional garage.

One of the best ways to get the benefit of a garage without breaking the bank is to have a carport installed instead. Unlike a traditional garage, carports are smaller and are open on at least two of their sides. This means that they require less work and materials which makes them a lot more affordable. Amidst this, carports are very effective in protecting your cars and vehicles from intermittent weather such as the heat of the sun, heavy rains, and strong winds. On top of that, carports can have many other uses. One of the most popular ways that people are utilizing carports for other purposes is to use them as a living area in the outdoors.

Carports have all the elements – they could have paved flooring, a roof system, and enough space to fashion some seating and table. It could be used as an outdoor living area where you and your family can chill at night (and even if it’s cold or raining) or entertain guests. Carports can be built using different materials. The most popular ones include wood (timber), steel, or even glass (for the roof). The beautiful thing about carports is that it is a semi-permanent structure that you can move to a different location without the need for disassembling. 

Here at Newcastle Carports, we have built a reputation of quality in the field of carports, pergola, patio, and decking installation after more than 15 years of delivering high-quality, long-lasting, and cost-effective workmanship in Newcastle. Our team is composed of competent, highly-skilled, and experienced builders,  installers, and designers who have spent years and years developing their skills and discovering new and innovative techniques to provide you with better service. So, if you are looking for a trustworthy service provider for your new carport and pergolas, call us today at (02) 4005 0123 to talk to one of our professional installers and discuss all the available options for you!


we provide durable and cost-effective carports

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Carports are a great and cheaper alternative to traditional fully enclosed garages. They can also be used as an extension of your living area outdoor. 

If you want to transform your backyard, a pergola can provide a luxurious and cozy space that you and your family can enjoy and entertain guests. 

Patios can give you the option to have space outdoors where you can have activities in a paved area. They can also change the overall vibe of your backyard. 

Adding a deck to your home can extend your living area to the outdoors where you can entertain your friends and where your kids can play.

Holistic Carport Installation services in NSW

Our carports are visually appealing as well as safe and practical. We can ensure that your design will meet the codes set in New South Wales, with care taken to make sure you don’t get into any trouble or damage your vehicle! It is possible to customize your carport with various roofing styles and materials. 

With our professional installation, there is no need to worry about your carport’s durability. We take into account the manufacturer’s specifications and safety regulations when installing a new one for you! Whether it be free-standing or attached, we have all of these covered – from basic designs to grand ones.

Regardless of whether you want an attachable cover that will stand over many years on its own or even freestanding with objects that are available in various sizes; whatever design and materials desired can serve as inspiration for us at Carports Newcastle. Our team members not only do installations but also provide services such as repairs if needed later down the line.

If you are looking for quality and reliability in your Newcastle carport builders, Carport Newcastle is the answer. We always ensure that every project has style, whatever type of roofing system or design we use to build it. Our workmanship is unmatched because of our commitment to integrity and professionalism as a top-notch company with over 15 years experience building both commercial properties and residences alike.

We don’t just build carports; we create architectural masterpieces that blend seamlessly into your home, yard, or business. Our designs are tailored to meet every single need you have with an extensive array of options available for customization. Every customer has different needs and goals at the time they choose their new Newcastle Carport installation company – this is why we offer a wide range of customizable plans designed in-house by our expert engineers so as to match any project’s specifications perfectly!

We’re proud to employ skilled workers and provide dependable service for every carport project. We’ve built a company structure that values safety, quality assurance, and the skills of our employees. Our fully licensed builders are trained in their craft–you’ll never find more reliable care than with us!

A carport is a great way to keep your vehicle hidden and safe in an efficient manner. It’s cost-efficient, easy to build, takes up less space than the usual garage design; it also makes for fewer materials required during construction! All of this means that you can complete such a project without hassle or inconvenience involved with more complicated designs.

The input focuses on how useful and common these structures are as well as describing their size differences compared against garages while discussing why they’re helpful features worth considering when designing one for yourself.


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Our in-house designers can create innovative and unique carport designs that are based on your structural requirements that meld the perfect balance between form and function.

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Professional Workmanship

All of our builders uphold a very high standard of professionalism and quality. This allows us to provide cost-effective solutions without compromising the quality of our work.

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Client-First Policy

Our entire business model is centered on making your lives better. That is why we make sure that at the end of the day we end our professional relationship with our clients at a high and satisfactory outcome.


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We provide the most reliable carport solutions in Newcastle

Our carports are visually superior, long-lasting, and cost-effective.

Here at Newcastle Carports, we only produce top-notch carports that are visually appealing, long-lasting, and cost-effective. So if you are looking for one, call us today at our hotline so one of our friendly representatives can assist you in finding the perfect carport for you!

Carports Newcastle is the City’s Most Reliable Installer of High-quality pergolas.

Pergolas have the potential to transform your backyard into a luxurious and cozy living space. In the hands of skillful and creative installers, pergolas can present you with unlimited possibilities in terms of design, style, and structural implementation. Here at Newcastle Carports, we design pergolas that are unique and aesthetically superb without compromising the integrity of the structure. Call us today to talk to one of our experts to explore the different options we have for you.

we build luxurious and cozy pergolas at a competitive rate

We are home to the most skilled and experienced patio installers in Newcastle

Transform your backyard with an aesthetically superb and top-notch quality patio.

Need to have a high-quality and professional patio installation service in Newcastle? Call us today so one of our experts can discuss with you the first steps to take to make your dream patio a reality!

Add equity to your home with beautiful and comfortable outdoor decks. 

A deck is something that you won’t think you need until you get one. This is the reason it is important that you get a deck installed by a reputable service provider to make sure that they are durable and secured. Call Carports Newcastle today to get a FREE quote!

We deliver durable and long-lasting decking solutions


Frequently Asked Questions

A carport project may take anywhere between $1,000 to $4,000 on average. Depending on factors like the area to be covered by the carport, the height of the framework, the style and design of the structure, and the materials used, your carport can cost more or less around this amount. Call our hotline today so one of our experts can assess your requirements and provide you with a more accurate cost estimate. 

There are different things that affect the duration before one project is completed. Some of the factors include the type of structure to be installed (i.e. carports, patios, decks, or pergolas), the area to be covered, the type of materials to be used, the preparatory work required, and sometimes even the weather, among others. Call us today and discuss your project to one of our experts so they can advice you with a more tailor-fitted timeline. 

Carports are designed and engineered as freestanding, open-sided structures. As such the engineering does not allow for walls or roller doors to be added. This is because it changes the way the structure behaves in when wind hits it, making them unsafe if a wall was present – they would sway too much under pressure from extreme winds compared with an average person’s home that has many more supports holding up its roofing material than just framing members like posts and columns on their own; this means there should also be less dead load by itself (weight of materials) due to lack of lumber used within one square meter area).

If you’re worried about your carport’s structure, don’t enclose it with any walls. It changes the design from being open to partially open which makes wind loading a concern. The weight of snow on an enclosed roof could be enough to buckle the framing and cause structural damage or even collapse in extreme cases!

Steel is the best material that experts recommend to withstand sudden changes in weather and temperature. Other materials also provide protection depending on your location, but steel appears to be a top contender for protecting outdoorsmen from all elements.

Steel is one of the most durable materials when it comes to outdoor structures like sheds or any other type of shelter where durability takes priority overlooks, comfortability etcetera. Steel can stand up against drastic weather conditions such as snowstorms, tropical storms and even hurricanes without much damage done which cannot be said about other types of building supplies used outside. Even though they may offer good insulation properties compared with metal ones, their inferior strength makes them less suited for use out in open spaces exposed to high winds especially during winter months.

Getting a permit for your carport may seem like an unnecessary hassle, but it all depends on the size and style of your construction. If you hire someone with experience to help determine if one is necessary, be sure they’re familiar with local council regulations as well as safety standards in case anything goes wrong.

In NSW, you need to make sure your carport is at least one metre behind the property boundary facing a public road. Other factors restricting you from having an impermanent structure such as a carport in NSW include only being able to have the same number of these structures on each lot that has dwellings and not more than this, regardless if it’s land with just one house or multiple houses.

As regards designing, it can take a day to finish. For other processes such as consultation and project cost coming up with, you may want to add more days. Pre-installation also affects the duration of work especially if big space having acquired permits skills needed amount labour equipment used are among many factors consider during process.

A lot of things are possible but bear in mind that there is more involved and you may need to pay additional costs when the carport design falls outside a traditional range. For example, if you want something special like an overhang for your skillion roofed carports then engineers won’t recommend it because this will increase load on the structure and can create other problems. Again depending on budget factors as well as how far “out of the box” is what’s been requested is we might be able to make it happen – just call us!

You can always reach us at our phone number by dialing (02) 4005 0123 or you can send us an email at [email protected] so one of our friendly representatives can help you with your concerns and inquiries.